Ways Closet Shelving Can Transform Bedroom

  1. When your bedroom closet is too small put your shoes outside in the bedroom. Most of us have at least two pairs of shoes. Many of us have even more than that. Using closet shelving for your dress shoes shows them off, as well as gives you more closet space.
  2. Closet shelving for your media is handy. The shelving can be used for your TV, DVD player, and gaming consoles that you might have in your bedroom. It could even have your stereo on it as an alternative to a proper TV stand setup or bureau.
  3. Closet shelves for bedside tables are another idea. You have the top of the shelves for glasses, clock, and water. You also have the rest of the shelves for storing your night time reading materials like magazines, books, or your laptop/ tablet.
  4. Shelving can also be used as a form of decoration. Many of the closet shelving options today offer little cubby holes which you can fill with wicker baskets. These baskets are great for storing items out of sight like your shirts and undergarments.
  5. If you have to combine your office with your bedroom due to lack of space, closet shelving can be your savior. Shelving can be used to store any work materials you need without looking out of place.

The above are just five ways closet shelving can be used to add to your bedroom. A few options add to the d├ęcor of your room while others are more practical.

In terms of display shelving those wicker baskets mentioned can alternate on the shelves, should you want to create a pattern. You could obtain multi-colored baskets for your different clothing as a means to create a pattern.

Bedrooms tend to be places where we keep things from the eyes of our visitors since they never go in there. It might mean you have a lot in one room, which needs to be organized, but not necessarily shown. When your closet is too small to hide it all consider utilizing closet shelving as an option.