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Spy Some Space in a Small Bedroom

The Closet In addressing the question of wasted space, the first culprit is your closet. This is one feature that takes up a significant amount of space in your bedroom and if well organized it could be used to create storage for items stuck or crammed elsewhere. Before you think of buying extra shelves and racks for your closet, get rid of all the unwanted stuff inside to see how much space you have. Hard as it is to accept, most of the old clothes will have to go to create space for other useful stuff taking up space elsewhere in the room. A good rule of thumb to follow is that of you haven’t worn it in a year or more, you probably aren’t going to. These items can be bagged and taken to a local GoodWill or Salvation Army. Any stuff that belongs to the attic or garage should relinquish the space they take up in the closet to create more room. With the closet now breathing freely, you can then move on to free up some more storage space in your bedroom by making use of bags and other containers designed for under bed storage. Good examples

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Expand the Living Space in Any Home

Professionals know that even the most perfect home may be missing something in particular. It may be an entertainment room where the family can watch movies on a projection screen, giving them their own personal theater. It may be a room of the house where you can lounge in the sun while enjoying the comfort of a climate controlled environment. It may just be more space so that everyone has more breathing room. Whatever that “something” is, a contractor can create it. These additional rooms can even serve multiple purposes, acting as work space for part of the day, and comfort space for the other times. It may be a family room to enjoy movies, and also have a bar for when you choose to host guests or have a few people over for the big game. One room can serve all of these purposes, and still give you the space that you need for the rest of your home to be more comfortable. Contractors who are experienced in dealing with home additions know exactly how to listen to what their customers want, and provide them with what they are looking for. Over the years, or even decades, they will

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