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Reasons to Add a Room to Home

There are primarily two types of room additions possible. One is a vertical addition while the other is a horizontal addition. The latter is primarily done when seeking to increase comfort. New footings and foundations may have to be put in or the roof raised or extended to make the required space. If you have room in the backyard to extend the house back, which is normally the case, then so be it. Perhaps the home needs to grow and in some cases, the backyard has plenty of room or perhaps you do not use the backyard that much and incorporate all that size into your lifestyle (a business office is more important to you than a swimming pool, for instance). Before starting work on the room additions, it is essential to chalk out the requirements and dimensions of the space to be added. This has to be followed by the budget available for the project. Converting an existing space may be a cost-effective measure. For instance, a spare garage can be changed into an additional room with a few changes here and there. Since features like the door and flooring will exist, the cost on these will be non-existent.

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Study Room

Only allow the chair to face the door if there is sufficient space. Nowadays, the study is used to do arts and crafts, scrap booking, artistic activities and gaming. Narrow rooms work best with the desk pushed against the wall so that there is more space along the other walls. Limit the amount of bookshelves in your study. Rather fill a taller bookshelf with all the books you have in order to save space. Some books also don’t need to be kept any longer than necessary, especially if they have been read, are fiction and are not classic novels. Cables and wires need to be placed out of the way for safety reasons. Anyone can accidentally trip over wires if they are unaware of the space conditions within the study. The best place to keep cables and wires is against the wall behind the electronic devices. It will also look more appealing and neat. Crafts can become quite a hassle if you have many boxes with the different items. Use a floating shelf above the desk to store your crafts so that they are out of the way but still easily accessible. Don’t allow yourself to use surfaces as storage

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