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3D Future of Home Renovation

Changing the industry This new technology will without a doubt shape the industry as a whole. The mere fact that all home renovation projects can potentially be accomplished without using hammers and nails would save time and money. 3D printing of homes and buildings will allow renovation companies and customers to focus on making sure designs are made to exact specifications, freeing up time to work on other aspects of the project. Being able to create your own home from scratch with the 3D printing system will add a unique personal touch along with helping to reduce costs. With less time spent on putting the house together this will improve the creative process as more time will be spent on ensuring your vision comes to life. This technology will allow a more hands on approach between the renovation experts and customers, ensuring every detail is correct. Ahead of its time Although technology is emerging in the home renovation industry, 3D printing will help further develop this trend. Materials used with 3D printing will be carefully monitored to ensure it is safer along with building a stronger structural foundation to minimize problems most homes have after years of living in it.

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Renovation Essentials

Understand the scale and scope of the job you want done. When you talk to the trades person on the phone, you’ll want to brief them as clearly as possible before you expect them to turn up to quote. Details are important. You’ll want to know as much detail about what you are asking for, the materials you need and the end-result you want to have when you’re finished as you can. You should look for at least two or three quotes before you agree to go ahead with a job. Be as reliable as you expect the tradesman to be. Follow the old “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” rule. Turn up when you agree to. Pay them according to the terms and conditions agreed to before beginning the job. Some smaller trades will only take cash or check and may require payment on the same day. You should check this type of information upfront. If it is a larger job, it can require a more complex contract with payment installments. It isn’t easy to find a good tradesman. Investing time to source a good local plumber and electrician will be worth it. One

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