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Architectural Steps Involved In Designing

Gathering of Information If you have settled with an architect and agreed on how to work, the architect will visit your site of construction and survey it. He will then create floor plans and exterior elevations and give you a copy. The professional will also visit the county or city building department and review the applicable records. The records may include: previous surveys, existing homes, or previous liens on the property. After gathering the information the professional will create a plan that shows what needs to be done and by when. Designing the House Now the architect will design your house. When designing the house he will consider your ideas. He also has to consider the building regulations and restrictions in the area. At this stage the architect will create graphics, illustrations, and sketches of how the house will look like. He will include features such as windows and doors. In some cases the sketches may come without doors and windows. Refined Designs Once the professional has talked with you and agreed on all the areas of the house, he will create refined drawings. From the drawings you will be able to figure out how the house will look like.

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