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Spinal alignment It is very important to find a bed that caters to your spinal alignment. If your spine is not properly aligned while you’re sleeping, you’ll have an uncomfortable night’s rest. That will affect how you feel the next day which could be a sense of pain as well as tiredness. The Diamond Pillow Top Bed Set provides this corrective spinal alignment because it is orthopedically enhanced. Sturdiness The strength and sturdiness of the bed is another factor to consider. You need to find a reliable bed that has a sturdy base and is supported by at least 5 legs, 6 legs would be better though. Warranty A bed that has a warranty of 10 years indicates that it is a quality piece of furniture that you are investing in. The manufacturer is certain that their furniture is designed according to high quality standards. Some beds may come with a 15 year warranty, which is a good indication of its quality. Weight Capacity You need to consider your weight as well as your partner’s weight when searching for a double bed. If the bed’s weight capacity is below your combined weight, it will not be a sustainable option for

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