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Benefits Of Shipping Container Architecture

Affordability According to recent figures, there are as many as 700,000 shipping containers sitting empty across the nation. Whether you buy them or get them for free, these metal boxes are far less expensive than building a house frame from scratch. And because they are already in the right shape to be repurposed into living quarters, nearly all of the structural work required when building a home is eliminated. Estimated cost savings are in the neighborhood of 20 percent or more. Eco-Friendliness As we mentioned, there is no shortage of these containers in America. Reusing these metal boxes as homes would save a tremendous amount of energy that would otherwise be wasted on moving and melting them down. It would also save energy on building materials and the construction needed to frame the home. Durability Designed to withstand the harsh conditions of road, rail, and ocean travel, shipping containers are incredibly strong. Not only can they safely store tens of thousands of pounds, they can also support the weight of other loaded containers when stacked during freight shipping. As a result, these steel boxes are much stronger than ordinary abodes. They can easily survive most earthquakes, hurricanes, and other natural

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