Space Savers for Kitchens and Bathrooms

Use Wall Mounts

If you can mount things directly to the wall, it will help you to save floor space. In your bathrooms, this means you should mount basins, vanities and even toilets. Wall mounting extra cupboards above the vanity to store all those medicines and cosmetics is also something worth considering. In your kitchen, you need to get as many wall-mounted cabinets as you can above the counters. If you don’t have a separate pantry, they’re great for storing your food items. They are also perfect to store all of your dishes and glasses

Purchase Miniature

For very small kitchens and bathrooms, they make smaller-than-the-standard 600mm wide appliances and vanities. They can be a godsend. Dishwashers in a 450mm version are manufactured by some European appliance manufacturers. If they will work for you, you can find two-burner models available in cook tops. This will save you a lot of valuable counter space. Storage-packed vanity units that are around 400mm or 500mm wide are available for your bathrooms, and they work well for extra storage. If needed, you can find the largest length of wall in your home and build a vanity the entire length of it to max out storage.

Double Up

Look to see if you can find things that work as two different things such as: an oven that doubles as a conventional and a microwave, a shower over a small bath, or a bathroom mirror that’s also a storage cabinet. Fill each to capacity and get as much function into each space as possible. This way, you won’t be adding extra items that take up more room. It gives you more walking-around space.

Use Corners Wisely

With the right appliance choices, you can take a corner and exploit it to add extra storage space or visual value to your home. They make kitchen sinks that are designed to go in corners. This will add desired counter space. You can also find wall-mounted corner mirrors that can double as cabinets. If you install Lazy Susans inside your corner cabinets, you can actually triple the amount you are able to store inside them.