Oak TV Stand

Recent figures state that the average adult in the UK watches over 4 hours of some kind of television a day, that is over a whole days viewing a week! The older we get the more often we will choose to watch. During 2010 there were nearly 10 million televisions sets purchased in the UK; equating to the average UK home now having 3 televisions.

Everyone has their own reason for watching, the twenty first century now offers many ways to watch all types of programmes on our TV, we all have old film favourites in a cupboard and through the use of a DVD player we can indulge in the comfort of something we know.

A monthly subscription through one of many digital subscription services is a brilliant way to watch the best sports from all over the world, the latest football games, big golf matches and tennis events. These type of services also offer films, from the latest blockbusters to our childhood favourites that we love to go back to.

With the latest technology in watching in the form of curved screens and 3D viewing we can all indulge in our TV habits better than we ever have. We can even add a surround sound system to enhance the experience even more, grab the popcorn you can feel like you are at the cinema in the comfort of your own home.

Once you have purchased the new television and it is going to be pride of place in your living room, you do not want to put it on an old oak wooden side cupboard, oak table or TV cabinet. Investing in a good quality wooden oak stand just enhances the look and overall viewing experience.

Stands now come in all shapes and sizes with all types of finish that we desire and all have different levels of complexity. High gloss ones are available for the modern look but for a more traditional look many oak styles are available.

Stands are available with all different types of design features. Some have vertically adjusted screen mounts and an ability to swivel the screen around for a better viewing angle, some are finished with areas of anodized aluminum and you can even have glass shelves to add a modern twist and compliment the classic look of the oak.

Stands come in two main types, either non wall mounted or wall mounted. The first allows you to add drawers and cupboards. Many televisions are bought to be used in a kitchen and the added storage can be extremely useful. Non wall mounted look good in main living areas as they do not take too much floor space, but provide enough room to include everything you need.

If you really want to impress your friends, you can even have one which incorporates LED lighting and illuminates the edges of the oak unit.

We all know that exercise is an integral part of our well being, but so is setting sometime aside to relax and watch a film or catch up on some episodes of the latest soap. Shopping around will find a TV stand based on your taste and needs.