Impress With Your Home

Color, Color and More Color

No one likes a basic white house. It’s bland and boring, but it can be spruced up with a touch of color. Adding accent walls for a pop of color can bring a new dynamic to your house, and instantly create a focal point to the room. Pick a color that really pops, like a deep turquoise or a tangerine, and then play off that color with complimentary colored accessories. If you are timid about having a bold color on the wall, then choose a more subdued color and add highlighting colors, such as tangerine, to add drama. You can work up to bolder colors by starting out with accent pillows or accessories in a dramatic hue.

Update Your Flooring

Another great way to impress your guests is with flooring. You can add hardwood flooring to your house to add dimension and depth to your overall design. If hardwood flooring isn’t your cup of tea or isn’t in your budget, you can choose a more affordable laminate or new carpet. If you are daring, you can create unique patterns with granite remnants or laminates, to add a different texture to your room. You can even find adhesive carpet squares that you can lay in a pattern to create a whole new look.

Spruce up Your Countertops

If your kitchen needs a little help, why not change the look up with granite countertops? Granite is a great addition to the kitchen. Not only is granite durable and virtually scratch resistant, it is also non-porous which makes it resistant to bacterial growth. You can have matte or polished countertops installed, depending on the overall theme of your design. Granite countertops are low maintenance and, if sealed properly, can last for years. Add to your kitchen new flooring and a dramatic pop of color and you will be ready to impress anyone, including your in-laws.

While most home improvements can be handled by you, be sure to call in a professional countertop installation team. Granite countertops, while durable, should only be handled by trained professionals. These professionals can make sure all the edges are minimized and your kitchen looks dressed to impress. Before your next get-together, get your design together, call in the professionals, and create a look that will be sure to wow even the toughest of critics.