How to Select That One Table

Know what you require

Before you start with your table search, know what table you need. From dining, study, to coffee, changing, and jewellery, table comes in various forms all meant to serve a particular purpose. For the moment, be sure of whether you require any one type or a mix of them.

Decode from the million designs

The time when a table was all about four legs with a rectangular top and/ or drawer complemented with a wooden touch, is long gone. The category is now dominated by a number of modern table designs. You can now opt from tables with adjustable tops, with wheels, secret drawers, revolving tops, and designer table legs. Along with your taste in furniture budget plays a major role when it comes to choosing from all those available designs.

Consider the material

This is one of the most important things to consider when buying a table. Opt for a material that would go a long way without needing much maintenance. This decision is not very difficult as the options to choose from are few – wood, metal, and glass. Make this decision on the basis of your preference, budget, and space in the house.

Check the sturdiness

A table without any doubt needs to be sturdy. It should be able to hold weights of different measures without affecting its quality. So when you go on a table buying spree next, put some weight on it, maybe sit on the table to see how much weight it can withhold.

Be clear of the maintenance time and efforts

Depending on the size and material, the effort that goes into maintaining a table can vary. If you are looking for a low maintenance piece, opt for glass and metal tops and if you are okay with high maintenance, go for teakwood or rosewood.