How to Overcome Compulsive Hoarding

  1. The most common excuse that hoarders find for keeping things is that they might find some use for it in the future. That might sound like it makes sense, but when you think about it everything has some potential use. So just because something can be used does not mean that you have to keep it. Go through your stockpile of things and look at each object one by one. If you have not used a thing for over a year it only means that you can do without it. Get rid of it right away.
  2. Having an extra item of something you already have is really not necessary in most cases. If you have multiples of the same things then that’s not a good sign at all. That might be the first signs of hoarding for you. Just try to get rid of the extras as soon as you can.
  3. Start categorizing your things into different piles. You can have a pile for things that you are going to keep, another one to give away to friends and family, one for giving away to charity, and finally one for selling. Don’t come up with too many categories as that can slow things down for you.
  4. When you are going through all of the things that you have in your hoard try not to over think. If it takes too long for you to consider whether to keep or throw away each and every item that you have then you will never be finished. You have to be decisive when it comes to dealing with them.