House Design Mistakes To Avoid

Don’t make the rooms too ‘use specific’

If you are building your dream home you are probably intending to live there for a very long time, and therefore as your lifestyle changes, your family changes, and the needs of the residents change so should the use of the rooms. What might start out as a nursery could one day be a study or home office, the home gym may morph into a home theatre, and the upstairs space that was once where the children rested safely may end up being your sanctuary. So ensure that you don’t make each room so specific to the current use that in future it’s either redundant or too costly to renovate for the new requirement.

Future Proof with Smart Wiring Technology

Few of us could have imagined the incredible technological advances the world has seen in the last decade or two. Whilst the fantasy of one day having a robot do all the jobs we don’t want to do is something that has been around for many decades, the idea that our whole world would be able to controlled by our telephone was beyond imagination, however it is becoming a reality, and faster than we might think. Give due consideration to installing additional smart technology so when our fridge that can mix the perfect cocktail, the pantry that orders our groceries online, and the washing machine that does the ironing comes along, your house will be ready to go.

Get Advice

No matter how sure you are about your plans, design, layout, materials, and even the section, its well worth engaging a professional for advice. Architects are trained to ensure that each house they design maximises all of the requirements of the clients as well as ensuring that gain maximum benefit from the land the home is being built on. Even if you choose not to use an architect to design your home their advice is invaluable and well worth the investment.