Home Space Saving

  • Start by deciding what is really needed in each room. This cleansing process is actually quite therapeutic and helps remove any un-necessary objects. Be decisive – if it can be removed then remove it – it will ultimately assist your goal of creating more space.
  • By a rule of thumb, if you can see the floor the room will look more spacious immediately. Don’t block hallways with wide furniture or accessories. Choose tall pieces of furniture for hallways to free up space.
  • Decorate using a soft and light colour scheme. By choosing subtle blues and greens it makes the room feel open and airy.
  • Choose room decorative pieces in the same colour family. Soft, cool or warm colours give rooms a more open look. Ideally furniture and wall colours should be coordinated to blend space rather than breaking up space with contrasting colours.
  • Light makes a room larger so take advantage of natural light where possible. Open up windows and remove any heavy linings or curtains. If natural light is limited, implement artificial lighting such as lamps to open up areas of the room.
  • Take advantage of see through materials to open up elements of a room. Consider using glass as a table top for a living room table to reduce the breaking up of space.
  • Add a decorative mirror to add an enlarging effect to the room. Mirrors are also great for emphasising and spreading light.
  • Instead of adding several small pieces of furniture or storage areas add in fewer but larger pieces to avoid small areas looking cluttered.