Glass TV Stand Can Transform Interior

Through the innovations of modern technology, it has become possible to do even more using our screens – listen to music, view photographs, trawl apps or games and surf the internet. While all these options are great, if you live in a large and busy household it can seem like the plethora of electrical devices you now own are taking over your living space.

But installing the right storage solution can help you and your family optimise your entertainment systems, making them easier to use and eliminating clutter in the process.

How much more seamless would your viewing experience be if you knew where everything was? If every subscription box, device and console had its place – and you knew exactly where the remote control was for each one?

Picture this: no messy, trailing wires or controls littering the sofa; all the DVDs and games neatly organised inside their own cabinet; and a sleek and stylish storage system which compliments your d├ęcor and creates a feature in your living room.
If you live in a home with children or pets, you may have written off the chance of ever owning a glass top cabinet for fear of someone injuring themselves. But these days, the best manufacturers are building these furniture pieces with safety glass – meaning all you’ll have to worry about are those smudgy finger prints.

If you like the look of glass, but aren’t sure that a totally transparent design will suit your current interior, there are other options out there that combine this with wooden features. Not only does this equal a beautiful piece of furniture for your home, but it also makes the stand sturdier, and able to accommodate more weight.

It’s no secret that you’ll want your TV unit to be aesthetically pleasing, but functionality is important, too. If you’re worried about storage, there are larger options online combining a sleek surface with multiple large drawers underneath. These units will generally combine two different materials – usually glass and oak – and are available in a range of colours and finishes.

Some of the most contemporary TV stands will even provide LED lighting. This can look particularly sophisticated if you have glass shelving.

Alternatively, if you like the idea of a glass surface but would like a wood shelving system underneath, there are cabinets out there using a range of materials to help you combine a modern look with something more traditional.

If you know you need lots of storage, but are worried about the space available in your living room, why not ask your furniture suppliers to send you a detailed drawing of the piece, with measurements? Most good retailers will include this in the item listing online, so it is available for you to survey.

It’s important to know what your consumer rights are before you purchase anything. In the event that you change your mind about the look of your stand, or it doesn’t fit, you’ll want to know that you have return or replacement options available to you.

With that said, make sure you purchase your new TV stand through reputable furniture suppliers. The more established the company, the more experience they’ll have of delivering fragile pieces like these and ensuring they stay safe in transit.