Dream Kitchens

A modern kitchen is often associated with black and white. This style has very minimal design involved but would be something so eye catching that you can’t look away. A modern kitchen usually does this easily. The reason for this is because with the minimalism effect in the kitchen a specific element is highlighted which draws your attention.

Most people like the modern look for their kitchen because of the simplicity of the appearance. The simplicity may seem cleaner and in the eyes of the house owner they may find their house to be more sanitary. It is also easier to clean because of the minimalistic elements – there’s not as much clutter in a modern kitchen and everything is tucked away neatly.

Modern kitchens have floors the exact same colour as the counter tops or the complete opposite. This adds depth to a room similar to the way a mirror would. A window often stretches across a whole wall giving the white tiles or counters a shinier appearance thus adding space once again or giving black features a prominent look.

Traditional kitchen designs are for people who want their house to feel like a traditional or country home. There kitchens are generally designed with wooden cupboards. The warmth of the wooden cupboards brings a sense of comfort. Traditional kitchens also have the fairy tale home feeling. Everything is pretty and vintage-like. You will also notice that in one of these kitchens the floor is often darker than the cupboards or a similar colour to the wooden texture of the counter tops.

A trend that has made its way to the present era is mixing modern with traditional elements. The traditional features are the fixed objects such as the counter tops and lights. The modern features would be the movable furniture and the electrical appliances such as a blender or oven.