Dream Home On A Budget

Section choice will play a huge part in the cost of the build. Ideally you want a section that is easy to access, is flat, is close to services, and requires little preparation before building. Choosing an elevated site, one that is a little out of town, or requires services to be connected will be more costly. Ensure you familiarise yourself with limitations of the section before you make an offer to purchase. If it’s going to require a water tank or a long distance to connect the sewage to the mains this could see the cost of the build increase by many thousands of dollars, whereas choosing a section closer to the local town or city and connecting to the mains within a few metres won’t effect your budget as much.

Determine your priorities during the planning of your dream home. Is having a finished smaller home more important than a larger home that may take several years to complete? Can you future proof the home by completing two thirds of it and have plans to add an extension in five or ten years when your finances are better.

Spend as much time as you can seeking free professional advice and making firm decisions before engaging your architect, tradespeople, and other related professionals. Making changes to your plans during the building process can easily see your budget blow out, therefore time spent upfront with your architect planning the house will save you time and money down the track. Most architects will be able to provide you with a digital 3D model of the home you can ‘walk through’ to ensure that it reflects your vision. They’ll be able to include the elevation of the section, views, and other aspects to assist you with your home.