Different Bases of Double Beds

  • Slatted Bases: These kinds of bed frames for double beds can either be flexible or rigid. The flexible bases are made using the softwood to provide the flexibility. The level of flexibility can be varied according to the personal choice. The gap between the two slats must not be more than 9-10 cm, to ensure quality, the reason being, the closer the slats are, the stronger the bed is.
  • Bedsteads: These frame styles look very modern and can be found in any material ranging from wood to metal. One most important thing that one should consider is that, before buying a mattress for such frames, taking an appropriate measurement of the dimensions is a must. These may be spring based or firm based.
  • Adjustable frames: These can recline easily from 90 degrees to 180-degree. With the growing fondness of these type of double bed frames, one can sit and read or recline and nap or even sleep straight, all in the same bed. This unit proves to be more multi-functional when some of them have a massage capability in them. The bed can make you move forward or backward or up and down at ease so that you are conveniently able to use your bedside table. These type of beds are mostly completely upholstered. Although theses devices are electrically operated, yet they do not harm the human body.
  • With Head-boards: These are those type of bed frames that have a head rest attached to them, and therefore, these tend to create the focal point in your bedroom. They have a casual divan base with the headboard that may be upholstered or non-upholstered as per your wish. The material used as the headboard dominates the look of your bed, therefore, pay close attention to the color and texture of the headboard, so that it blends well with the room decor.
  • Bunk Beds: Children love these style of beds, where they can sleep with their siblings without having to share their bed. Some parents also use this one for saving the floor space.