Design a Minimalist Home

Know which house items you want to keep.

First off, you have to know that minimalist homes are called as such because of the fact that they have few of everything to create that look of having a bigger space. If your home currently has lots of items cluttering around, you have to let go of some of them. Knowing which items you should let go is the first key to renovating a home to achieve a minimalist interior. That means letting go of some furniture, appliances, and decorations.

Clear surfaces.

Minimalist homes are supposed to have as much free area as possible. That is why you have to get rid of some of your stuff. When renovating your home to achieve a minimalist look, make sure you that the flat surfaces in your home like floors, walls or even table have very little items on them. Limit to one or two furniture or decorations in any given flat surface. Every wall corner in your home for example should have just one to three decorations. Your living room floor can have just a couch, a small table and some entertainment appliances.

For decorations, choose accent decorations-a vase on the table, a potted plant or two on the floor area and one or two pictures hanging on the wall.

Keep colors neutral.

Most of minimalist homes choose white as interior color. This is because white accentuates the amount of free space in the home. Beige and light gray are also appropriate colors for minimalist designs. These are popular choices for doing zen home renovation that also features minimalist home design.

Choose class and quality

As has been stressed many times in this article, minimalist homes have very few items. In fact, they’re almost empty. That is why what you lack in quantity of decorations and furniture should be countered by choosing good quality and classy-looking items. A painting or picture with gold or silver frame for example would look gorgeous on a white wall. Furniture should be slim and beautiful and your appliances should be those that economize space.