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Going Green With Granite

Deciding to recycle granite As one of nature’s hardest stones, granite is made to withstand the test of time. Generally, homeowners decide to purchase new granite countertops or other stone features when they are redesigning or renovating living spaces. Therefore, the majority of granite is in a decent condition before it is replaced. Often, stone fabricators and installers have relationships with recyclers and will make arrangements to haul away an old countertop when installing a new one. Some cities have recycling centers that will pick up materials such as granite and additional home improvement items. Charities that focus on home improvement and renovation will accept countertop donations. In the unlikely event that a fabricator cannot provide details, information about recycling programs is readily available online. Breathing new life into old stone Although it is rare, some companies will refurbish stone countertops and resell them at a reduced cost. This gives homeowners the opportunity to enjoy the luxury of granite even if they have limited budgets. Homeowners will most likely have to refurbish countertops purchased from charity outlet stores. Refurbishing requires carefully sanding the surface, sealing and polishing it before it is ready for use. Fabricators will also have remnants after

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Durability of Granite

Durability of Granite The nature of how granite was formed in the earth makes it one of the hardest stones available. According to the Mohs Scale of Hardness, the top five hardest minerals, listed in order starting at the hardest, are diamond, ruby, topaz, quartz, and feldspar. Since granite is made up of primarily quartz and feldspar it is better at resisting scratches and daily wear and tear than any other natural stone including marble and travertine. Granite naturally resists staining, etching, and heat, which make it even more appropriate for countertops and other surfaces in the home. The high durability and resistance allow for easy maintenance and long-lasting enjoyment for the life of the stone. In most cases, granite surfaces will out-last the home since the finish can be restored if it gets etched and chips can be filled if it gets damaged. Some additional perks of granite countertops in the kitchen is that hot pans will not cause any damage and food can be cut directly on the surface, but be aware that knives will dull faster on granite than a wooden or plastic cutting board. Practicality of Granite The unique beauty combined with the durability of natural

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