Some Types of Wood Siding

as thirty years after you install them. When you do install plywood siding, it offers additional structural support on the wall it is installed on, which is a good thing. There is a huge variety of patterns and textures from which to choose from though, so pick well. Commonly though, plywood is made from western red cedar, redwood or pine.

Clapboard is usually made from Ponderosa pine or Douglas fir, with the clapboard planks overlapping horizontally on the exterior of your house. This makes clapboards very adaptable, as it fits almost any style of home. You can also find clapboards made form redwood and cedar if you want to.

Another popular type of wood siding is the tongue and groove type of siding wherein one piece slides into another part and locks in place. Very versatile, this siding choice is quite attractive, and can be installed in any direction of the homeowner’s house. It comes in rough finish or smooth finish, so depending on the look you are after, you can definitely find a pattern that will work well for your particular project. With so much variety available, you can get tongue and groove siding in teak, cedar and pine, among other choices.

Shakes and shingles are what you look for if you’re planning a coastal look for your home. Very attractive and versatile, they work on many styles of houses. Usually they are manufactured from cedar for its insect resistant-qualities and sturdiness. They are pretty labor-intensive to install, but the outcome is pure rustic elegance. They come in different grades though, so depending on the harshness of the weather in your location, can last for up to 40 years.

Hardboard is a composite product that is manufactured from wood chips by intense pressure. It is more affordable than solid wood, while still maintaining its durability. However, if you install hardboard in your home, you have to make sure that all joints are perfectly sealed. You also cannot install it within 6 inches of the ground because you have to protect its core from moisture, which can cause damage. It is available in a variety of textures and styles, and it is great for use if you are on a budget.