Modern Home Office

Doors and Windows

Thin steel framed windows and doors help to brighten up a home office. In many instances, the door and windows take up an entire wall of the room. While steel is not particularly aesthetic, the fact that the frames are quite thin make emphasize the glass and allow a great deal of natural lighting into the room. This transforms the home office from a drab, cluttered room into a pleasant place to work.

Desk and Filing Cabinet

One should choose a modern style desk that is stylish but not overly fancy or ostentatious. There are many such desks for sale both online and at local furniture outlets. If the room is quite small, then one may want to consider a space efficient corner desk. The desk can have some cupboard and shelf space but it does not necessarily need to have a lot of storage room.

Most people will also need a filing cabinet. This cabinet should be small and should match in color and style with the desk. The filing cabinet should also have a good lock.


No one wants a cluttered home office. Unfortunately, many people allow papers and unnecessary office supplies to clutter up the room. The alternative to a large number of papers is to go digital. There are numerous cloud computing sites where one can store data online at a reasonable price. Only the most important papers should be kept in the filing cabinet; the rest should be scanned and then discarded.

Wall Art and/or Sculpture

Even a small office should have one striking piece of wall art or a sculpture. Art should not be confused with clutter. If the item in question is the right style for the room it will enhance the room’s decor instead of just taking up space.

If the office is small, then wall art would probably be the most appropriate option. The art should match in style with the room but it should stand out and be noticeable. One should feel free to choose the style of art that he or she likes best. This same point applies to choosing a sculpture.