Home Extensions and Renovations

Extra Rooms

There are many additional rooms you can get for your home that would be more unique and exciting than just a guest room. For instance if you’ve always wanted a home gym or a study, then here is your opportunity. Likewise if you want to make a space for a walk-in wardrobe then why not just go ahead and do it? Or you could even make something that only you would want – for instance if you like carpentry then why not have a room for carpentry? If you love sea life then why not have a scenic ‘aquarium’ type room? Don’t be a slave to convention – think about what your dream home would have and then actually build it.

Looking online for inspiration is a great way to come up with ideas for quirky and exciting rooms that you will really use. For your kids you could have a ball pool and some soft shapes and recreate an indoor playground for them, or if you work from home then you could have an office pod – a small glass office that lives at the bottom of your garden and that will give you somewhere to work that’s away from the chaos in the home.

Where to Extend

If you are extending or adding rooms then there are lots of different places you can add them. You don’t only have to extend into your garden – you can also extend onto your patio at the front or even upwards in order to add an upstairs if you’re a bungalow, or to increase the size of the second floor if you have some spare roof. And why not even go one step further and go from a two story house to a three story house? Or at least two story and a loft conversion?

Shape and Layout

Likewise the shape and the layout of your rooms can also be more original than just the standard square or rectangle most people go for. Could you benefit from having doors to the garden and a terrace in your bedroom? Or a small space at the end of the room where you could sit and work at a desk? Speak with your designers and let your imagination fly, you’ll be surprised what’s possible!