Beds With Storage

Beds with storage enable you to store things underneath the bed, without appearing untidy or unorganized. The spare bedding items like quilts, duvets, extra cushions or bed-covers, etc. can be conveniently stored under the bed and you can make your room look beautiful as ever. One can also store their winter closet; that is not used for more than half of the year and still occupy space in our cupboards, making them look shabby. Beds with storage can be designed for two types of people, i.e., for adults or children.

Storage beds for children have a good number of shelves and drawers, such that, they can access them all sitting on the mattress raised a few inches high. They can store their bed-time novels or workbooks or some stationery items there. If the children are too young, their toys can be placed comfortably under their beds. For adults, the number of drawers would be limited or to be more accurate one or two drawers are there so that the look is not compromised.

There are also some beds that, that facilitate storing extra mattresses, such that, upon some surprise guests night overs, you just need to pull out the platform underneath the bed, and you are ready to go. Many beds models look spectacularly modern in design, without compromising the functionality.

You must be convinced enough to rush to buy a storage bed, but wait! Knowing the basic detail about the various types of beds available in the market is way more important than purchasing actually. This is because we may get confused about the utility we yearn for, and might end up buying something, not of our use. So, consider the following types:

  • Captain’s Style Beds: The most common and the most primitive style of storage bed available in the market are the captain’s style ones. These, like mentioned before, traditionally come in two patterns, one, with the single row of drawers on only one side of the drawer and the other having same height of drawers all around the periphery of the bed. The former one is preferred by the children and the latter one by the adults, though this is not practiced hardcore.
  • Lift Storage beds: Without any drawers on either of their sides, these type of beds make use of the entire area underneath the bed as a whole combined unit for storage. This design is enabled with the help of the hydraulic mechanism; that helps to lift up the mattress and access the entire box of storage under the bed to keep the items safe. This is a more convenient option if you have heavy quilts and duvets or cushions to be stored. All you need to do is open up the bed frame, access the storage space and keep the frame back to its original location very easily. These are obviously, preferred by the adults.
  • Trundle beds for storage: These typically come with the extra secondary mattress, that can be pulled out beneath the main mattress and can be used to provide an extra sleeping space. These make the extra sleeping facility very handy and thus help to make the room look spacious. But, make sure your room is spacious enough to facilitate the easy pull in and pull out of the secondary mattress so that either your children or your guests can sleep there.